Jones designs | Product Design Consultancy | Specialising in AV & Smart Buildings
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Product design

Jones designs is a product design consultancy working in the consumer electronics industry. Specialising in the Audiovisual (AV) & Smart Buildings sectors, we have been providing product design services and big ideas to manufacturers for the past 10 years.


Jones designs’ Founder, Keith Jones has worked in the AV & Smart Buildings sectors for the last 25 years, giving us a depth of knowledge that is unequalled by the focus groups or market research other design consultancies employ. We chose to dedicate ourselves to this sector because we believe we can make it better. We do this by designing user-centric, innovative, intelligent, desirable & ecological products. No other design consultancy specialises in this way, meaning: As we know this market sector best, we are in a unique position to deliver better products than any other design team.



We influence the way products are sold and bought, by design, branding & recommendation. We believe it is essential throughout the design process to ensure we are always building branding and marketability into a product. This ensures our designs stand out and means we create desire and demand for the things we design, influencing the way products are sold. During an AV or Smart Building project’s system design phase our sister company designflow recommends products to Systems Integrators, allowing our group to influence the way products are bought.

Better by design

Our product design services are enhanced in a way no other design consultancy can, through our in depth industry sector knowledge. This comes not just from experience but from the system design & documentation services provided, by our sister company designflow, to Systems Integrators and ultimately to consumers. This means our product designs benefit from real world experience & events. This filters through, into our products, from our group working with Systems Integrators and their clients.


The future isn’t written

When we consult with manufacturers, we are always looking to suggest new directions, new markets and new products. We combine our industry and technical knowledge with a detailed analysis of the products and company hiring us. This allows us to come up with innovative suggestions for new directions, new product lines, and new applications for upcoming technology.

The future is designed

If we told you we can predict the future, you wouldn’t believe us. What if we told you together we can invent the future?

What if you could extrapolate current desires and trends to create new products which open up new markets, to new customers?

What if you could give your customers products which meet or better still create new desires? 

What if you had inside knowledge of what people who buy your products think of them, wouldn’t this make it easier to produce better products? 

What if we told you this is what we do for our clients and that we can do it for you too!


Our offer

Okay, maybe we have got you interested but what about those pesky design fees? 

Well with our introductory offer you can have a product direction consultation and get a new product to the concept design stage for no upfront cost. So you can see what we have to offer at no risk.

Get the competitive advantage offered by product design dedicated to the AV and Smart Building sectors of the consumer electronics industry.

Contact us today to make an appointment. We’ll then get in touch to discuss your requirements and explain how our new product direction consultation and concept design offer, with zero upfront cost, works.

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